Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Began A Career Behind The Camera

Lindsay Lohan began a career behind the camera - the actress has started her own production company.

The Mean Girls star has once again teamed up with business partner Kristi Kaylor, who heads the Lohan 6126 leggings brand for their new company Unforgettable Productions.

The couple plans to create films and television projects in which Lohan stars and may have already set the wheels in motion for the two projects.

Lohan's first production companies include a television Lohan considering making the fashionista wife of the United States' response to the hit series Entourage called Faux Real and a game tentatively called That's What Friends Are For, who will work in partnership with charitable organizations.

According Kaylor, both options are also two books on cinema and television and the growing popularity of using digital media to make their projects more easily accessible.

It tells the Hollywood Reporter, "We are taking an approach to 360 degrees. Lindsay is 23 years old and is very plugged into mobile media. "

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Was Spotted Leaving The Place Of Samantha Ronson

Back for another Sleepover to her ex-girlfriend's house, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving the place of Samantha Ronson, on Monday afternoon (May 18) after an overnight stay.

The visit comes during a break in the schedule for Saturday, as it will soon be heading abroad for deejay concerts in Manila and Singapore, 22-23 May

Meanwhile, Miss Lindsay Lohan has finally landed itself a film together, as it is bordered on the fantastic indie comedy "The Other Side".

The "Mean Girls" star will team up with a cast including Woody Harrelson, Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette.

The job of the complaints of Lindsay Lohan not having offered more jobs, as she told the press: "If people leave my life alone, because it's really not that interesting and I find a large role. But all sicko fans and the noise is very distracting.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lindsay Lohan A Photo Shoot For Spanish Vogue

Do its best to make money, Lindsay Lohan came out for a photo shoot for Spanish Vogue in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (May 6).

Putting on a curly blonde wig, the "Georgia Rule" starlet was to find a few poses for what is described as a Marilyn Monroe-esque spread.

The working day following a night out Sleepover previous ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson's house - leading to speculation that the duo in May back together again ....

An insider tells People magazine, "Sam could finally take Lindsay back ... It would not surprise anyone. It is a cycle that can last forever. Now that things are a little dead and Lindsay behaves itself Saturday and showing what she wants, Sam's strength to stay away makes up. "

And while Lilo and Sam are still in contact, another source indicates that the relationship is still revived in the air, saying: "Sam knows in his head, life is really better without Lindsay - even though his heart sometimes otherwise. "

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Shopping For Jewelry

Fresh off the launch of its "Sevin Nyne" tanning spray, Lindsay Lohan was spotted participate in one of his favorite activities in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon (May 1) - Jewelry shopping!

Accompanied by her little sis, Ali, the "Mean Girls" starlet hit a local retailer, browsing through the selection of the store before making a purchase and hit the exit.

Meanwhile, the last witnesses that tabloid Lindsay Lohan has turned his gaze on winning ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson in her arms.

"Lindsay Lohan was very clever and organized so that it is in London, just days before Saturday and establishes itself as a force here," a source told the Daily Mail.

Sam arrives in the first week of June for a series of events DJing and earn tens of thousands a few nights of work. Lindsay gave to the Kensington hotel they stayed even in recent times. Saturday was not way, she arrived in London and is restricted to club appearances, even if some of his friends Lindsay told him he could return Saturday and could cancel fury. But Lindsay Lohan has gone to great difficulty in get the shoot and club appearances organized, and is only done to try to win back Saturday, "added the insider.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Left Party In Las Vegas With A Mystery Male

Lindsay Lohan is back on men and left a party in Las Vegas with a mystery male.

The actress, who was recently dumped by DJ Samantha Ronson after a year of romance, was seen flirting with the beautiful anonymous kid at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas - the place of the post Mel-B for part of the new burlesque show Peepshow.

A source said: "Lindsay Lohan has a brilliant Peepshow time watching and has been throughout cheering and clapping.

"At the after party, it has focused its attention on a handsome young man and the couple was quickly established. After exchanging numbers, they have been throughout the text - on both sides of the pool. "

Lindsay Lohan and her new friend, she knocked off if they left the event and would have led to the actress sumptuous hotel room.

The source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "They went to a comedy club before returning to Lindsay Lohan's penthouse suite. It had a spa and a cocktail bar marble - Lindsay Lohan was pleasant to the over all installations. "

Earlier in the evening, the Mean Girls star has a heart to heart with the former Spice Girl Mel B and singer said she was "back on men."

Last week, Lindsay Lohan was seen closer to Leonardo DiCaprio at a Hollywood party.

A source said: "When Lindsay Lohan saw Leo, it was like a bee to honey. When she spotted in a dark corner of the club she headed straight for him.

She quickly monopolized the conversation and makes sure she had everything to himself. "

However, Lindsay Lohan - who has sparked concern after the feast lasts after its split Samantha - was left disappointed when the actor shunned his advances and left to spend time with girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

The source added: "They talked and Lindsay Lohan danced before him but nothing happened. They returned home separately."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Was On Planet Hollywood For The Opening Of Peepshow

Make your weekend in Sin City, Lindsay Lohan was on hand at Planet Hollywood to celebrate the opening of Peepshow on Saturday night (April 18).

The "Mean Girls" starlet joined a star studded guest list, which blends with Peepshow frontwoman and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

Also present for the chic affair was real estate magnate Donald Trump, "Sex and the City" actor Chris North and the beautiful Kelly Monaco, Melanie man, Stephen Belafonte.

After the opening of the peep-show, insiders say that Miss Lindsay Lohan and Mel B out of the Prive nightclub with a girl of mystery, where the party and they danced together for a few hours - with Mel's Lilo taken image and give him a kiss.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ali Lohan and Lindsay Lohan Walking Around Burbank, California

Taken as a nice spring breeze, Ali and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted walking around Burbank, California, yesterday (April 15) on the way to Warner Bros. Studios.

The famous sisters both looked beautiful in their heads for a business meeting,
Lindsay Lohan with a smile at paparazzi as she went.

And although there are many people concerned about the tumultuous "Mean Girls" actress as a result of his difficulties with relationships and work, the ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama is not one of them. In a recent interview he said that his faith, it will be well.

Wilmer told the press, "
Lindsay Lohan will understand. Out of respect for her privacy, I do not want to say too much. But she is a good girl. She figure it out."